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Regular credit.

Every regular creiit (non extra credit) assignment is graded and given a number of points. In the end all points are summed up ; this is P quantity in grade formula below. The sum of maximum number of points on regular credit is the quantity T in grade formula. Note that if T=P , even with no extra credit, you obtain the maximum grade.

Extra credit.

Make sure you understand how extra credit points contribute to your grade !

EXTRA CREDIT PROVIDE A LOWER BENEFIT THAN REGULAR CREDIT, so only work on EC after you finished the regular credit.

EXTRA CREDIT POLICY. There will be several projects/problems that students can work on for extra credit. They are clearly specified on assignments. For each one of those :

The sum of extra credit points is quantity E in grade formula below.


grade numeric = (P+EC) / (T+EC)

where P=your regular credit points; EC=your extra credit points; T= total number of regular points.